About Maryluz Arroyo


Hello and thank you for visiting my website.  I have faced many challenges in my life but the most tiptop one is dealing with my learning disability. In my first 12 years in school, I was unable to demonstrate the skill level of an average kid similar to my age. I will have to say I did not allow this existence to get in the way of my dreams. I was able to reach all of my goals by learning the way my brain was wired and reach my purpose by building up my self-belief.

My Ethnic

My parents were born in Puerto Rico. They had 12 children when they decided to move to New York City. I was born in Brooklyn New York. My parents had 4 more kids in New York City with a total of sixteen children. I am the fourth youngest out of my 16 siblings.

Who Am I Now

I am a woman that is not afraid to face challenges and does not give up in spite of great difficulties or oppositions. I can say with a sincere heart that I have a personal relationship with God who is the creator of the universe and a woman that wakes up every morning with a grateful heart knowing I am on the path to my purpose.


My Purpose

I do not live for myself, I live to complete what I was created on earth by God. To live a life in its abounding fullness of joy and strength for my spirit, soul, and body while impacting the world with my uniqueness.